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Introduction to the UAZ 469

UAZ 469

UAZ 496

This section of my web site is devoted to a description of the Soviet era UAZ 469 - aka the Goat or the Russian Landrover.

About the UAZ 469

The UAZ 469 replaced the Gaz 69 in Soviet Military and Para-Military Forces Service in 1971. Initially production was only for military use but was later opened to civilian purchase. basically a 7 seater work horse it was used and abused pretty much the same as the British landrover being modified in all manner of roles from impromptu ambulances carrying a stretcher and a medic up to mounting recoilless anti-tank weapons. Although nominally a seven set vehicle in the combat theatres such as Afghanistan it was not unusual to see them carrying up to a dozen troops and all their weapons.

Again like the landrover it got pressed into a number of roles including an FFR versions with shielded electrics and typically carrying the P-403M radio set(s), a NBC stection and marking version and so on. It was populr with the users being easy to drive and easy to maintain with good access to all parts
Production was mainly at the Ulyanosk works in the Soviet Union but was licensed out to several other countries. The vehicle was supplied to pretty much all the Warsaw Pact countries who in turn adapted it to suit their needs and issues. A typical modification being the Czech/DDR one for the door tops. Like a landrover the door tops could be unboldet and were meant to be stored in protective bags under the rear sat. An army being what it is the Czech and DDR forces grew tired of the bags going missing and soldier boots going through the glass that they came up with a simple modification that hinged the door top on the outside of the door and allowed it to be quickly dropped and locked into place. Oddly it never caught on with the Soviet Forces.

Engine, transmission and running gear were shared with the UAZ 452 van.

Technical Specifications The physical dimensions and weights of this vehicle:

Length 4025 mm
Width 1785 mm
Height 2050 mm
Weight - Empty 1700 kg
Weight - Combat 2450 kg
Max Speed - Road 65 KPH (40 MPH)
Max Speed - Off Road 45 KPH (28 MPH)
Max Speed - Water N/A
Crew 1 to 7
Fighting Compartment None
Engine In-Line 4 UMZ 451MI
Engine Size 2500cc
Engine layout In-line 4
Engine BHP 71 BHP (53 Kw)
Fuel Type Petrol
Tank Capacity 38 Litres x 2

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Performance Specifications The abilities of this type of vehicle:

Range - On Road 1950 Km
Range - Off Road Varies
Trench Clearance N/A
Max. Ascent Angle 70 Degrees
Side Slope 15 Degrees
Vertical Obstacle N/A
Ground Clearance 220 mm under diffs
Ground Pressure  
Fording Depth 500 mm
Main Armament None
Co-Axial Armament None
Auxilliary Armament None
Driver Armament AK47 or AK 74
Troop Armament - Remainder AK47 or AK74 or SVD
Smoke Discharger None
NBC Protection None

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