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19 ET90 - Mk 2 Stalwart - "Little Maud"

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This page contains details and photo's of 19 ET 90, my own Stalwart - a Mk 2 version affectionately known as "Little Maud".

The first question usually asked is "Why "Maud" - their names usually begin with an "S"?". Well - it's a simple, if convoluted answer! The very first Stalwart we ever looked at was covered in algae/moss from having been left standing outside and my wifes first comment was "Its all mouldy". Well this rang bells in the dim and distant areas of my memory. When I served with the Artists Rifles there was a caricature of the Mars and Minerva cap badge hanging on the walls of the Duke of Yorks barracks in the Kings Road, Chelsea, (now sadly a shopping centre) that had been drawn by Sidney Strube -who was editorial cartoonist of the Daily Express between 1912 and 1948 and who had served with the Artists in1WW1 from 1915 to 1918 - that was entitled "Mouldy Maud" . I'm sure you now see where the name "Maud came from!!

Mars and Minerva - cap badge of the Artists Rifles Mould Maud - the caricature!

The cap badge and the caricature - click the images to see larger versions!!

As time progresses more detailed photo's and copies of documents will be listed in the menu to the left as they become available.

Click the images below to see the full size ones
- will open in new window.

19 ET 90 Side View 19 ET 90 as she was when I bought her in May 2006. Then she was based down at the Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum in East Sussex where Tim, her then owner, has a business
19 ET 90 - O/S Front 3/4 View Offside front 3/4 view of 19 ET 90 - you can see the unmistable shape of the Stalwarts cab and the dropped side screens that give the Mk2 much enhance road vision!
19 ET 90 - N/S Front 3/4 View N/S front 3/4 view of 19 ET 90 - if you look at the large version you can see the somewhat different mirror arrangement she has - one reaward looking and one downwards looking to see where the wheels are in relation to the road markings!
19 ET 90 Rear View Rear view of 19 ET 90 - you can clearly see the amber warning beacon fitted to the exhaust stack and the removable mud flaps (taken off for cross country and swimming ).
Me in front of Litle Maud! OK - so I couldn't resist it!!
This is me stood in front of litle Maud the day we paid for her. Collection would not be for another couple of months - thats how long it took to find her a home locally but now she's safe and sound at Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury!!
19 Et (0 doing her thing at the W&P show, Beltring 2006 Here she is doing what Stalwarts do best -travelling at speed cross-country! This is at the 2006 War & Peace show, Beltring, Kent. Note the mudflaps have been removed - we were doing ITRO 25 mph at this point, one front wheel is airborne and the second is about to!

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